A Modern Fairy Tale of Acronyms and Birthers

Once upon a time, an eligible man stood in an election to become president of a wonderful country called the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave (LoFHoB). He was a good and decent man (GDM) and actually wanted to do something for the poor and the downtrodden that had come from all over to live good lives in LoFHoB.

But there were some bad fairies who had not been invited to the party, and they were very cross. They could not really understand why GDM wanted to be president of LoFHoB. He didn’t seem to just want the power as they did, so they distrusted him and called him names.

But the thing that really upset them was the color of his skin. This was an odd thing for them to hate because, after GDM, the next one they elected was a man with orange skin. Now children, as we all know, all people with orange skin are Oompa Loompas, and surely if an Oompa Loompa can be president, well anyone can!

Anyway, the bad fairies wanted to stop GDM being president, so they decided to tell everyone that he couldn’t be president because he was not born here. This was a nasty lie. At first, GDM didn’t respond, but the noise got louder and louder. Finally, GDM succumbed to the pressure and sent all the bad fairies proof that he had been born here.

“That should do it”, he thought. “now they’ll see the truth in (cough) black and white on a legal document”.

But amazingly it was not enough. They still kept on calling him names, and they made enough noise that a some of the people, ones who had fallen to the back of the common-sense queue when God was giving it out, were entranced by the bad fairies and decided they would follow them, and make a lot of noise about this issue.

By this time though, GDM had become president, and lots of people made it very difficult for him to do get laws passed, and every time he tried to help the people, they stood in his way. One time he wanted another GDM to become a high court judge to help make the laws fairer, and they hated this idea and stood in the way.

Then a very curious thing began to happen. There were some people who knew the fairies, and they knew what the fairies were doing was a mean thing. When GDM produced the proof they said, “he is a GDM and this has to stop”. But instead of it stopping the problem they found the haters turned on them, so some of them, the ones who wanted the power, started to tell the lies too.

GDM continued to do his best. He was well thought of all around the world and lots of people who had been at the front of the common-sense line knew he did a good for LoFHoB too.

But here’s the moral of the story, lies are lies, and all the good and decent people can see through them for always.